In phosphoric acid medium, Cr (VI) oxidation of iodide ion formation of I3 - anion complex, I3 - anion complex further with methylene blue to form ion association polo Ralph Lauren Australia Head Office complex, in the presence of gum arabic polyvinyl alcohol, clear solution. With Shen reagent blank ratio, lambda max peak is located at 524 nm, proportional to the concentration of absorbance and Cr (VI). Apparent molar absorption coefficient e =7.41 *, Cr (VI) content of 0 ~ 640 mu g L-1 obey beer\'s law. Strong political color, Polo Ralph Lauren Australia usually on behalf of the national will, and ralph Lauren Australia as a means of diplomacy in the international exchanges in the maintenance of national interests, and therefore to enhance polo Ralph Lauren Australia Myer the quality of military trade is essential. Is analyzed in this paper military trade business of national political and economic significance, elaborated the comprehensive budget management to improve the management quality of military trade, combined with the military trade enterprise comprehensive budget management auditing, key in the light of the difficulties faced by the internal audit department do more in-depth research and analysis. These difficulties reflect the defects and loopholes in the military trade enterprise comprehensive budget management, it is the key point of the internal audit department to create value.